Part 2 of the story Muggs and I are writing.


    Idaho, 10:40 PM

Maybe taking advice from movies wasn’t so great! Or great at all, for that matter. I had concealed myself indoors, boarded up every window, door, and just about anything that would give those demons a gateway into my flesh. I only realized I was taking bad advice, when I remembered that my little brother had been scratched by one of the big and ugly ones. Working up the courage, I look into his room, where I assume he is, but I find nothing. Only his messy bed, and a half-eaten microwave waffle. I didn’t want to accept it in my heart that what he would become wouldn’t be anything like the little brother I love so much. I try hard accepting that Nicolas is now a lost cause, and nothing could be done… but it wasn’t easy. I sneak into the shed outside, and get our family’s lobotomizer, I can’t really describe it, but Dad used it for almost anything. I remember he once said, “If Brad Pitt made it look good, than you can too.” I took the weapon into my hands, went back inside to get the keys to the van, and sling over the bag of survival luggage onto my shoulder. Before starting the van, I take a long hard look at my surroundings. Darkness mainly surrounds me, but there is something else in front of the van. The bloody kid wears a ripped tank top and blue cargo shorts. I stare deep into his raw-yellow eyes and see the bit of brown that’s left over. I don’t feel the urge to kill the kid, but I want to forget.                  

“Don’t let me catch you again, or I’ll be forced to rip your head off,” I whisper, feeling my heart fill with regret. The words stung, but at this point, nothing else but surviving mattered.

I start the the van, and drive off. Did I know a lot about driving? No, but it was either drive or die. What really bothers me, is that I have no clue where I am going.